New Year, New you? Is it time to rebrand?

New Year, New you? Is it time to rebrand?

We have come to the end of January – and can you believe that contrary to every effort you made to be better, do better and perform better… you have already slipped back into some of the habits that you had last year. Not just in your personal life, but in business too. Is it time you rebrand and change your brand image and revise, refresh and revitalise your brand?

The only way that you can create sustainable change or do a rebranding exercise in your business is to really want to do it. Have you asked yourself whether it is indeed necessary for a change or whether you are simply following the trends of what everyone else is doing – and then you are back to square one as you have successfully de-differentiate yourself.

So what is rebranding and why do people spend so much money reinventing themselves?

Just like us, brands grow, change, adapt and evolve over time – brands that flourish are the ones who are able to adapt whilst the weak ones who are vague and do not stand for anything sink into oblivion.

But does branding only involve logos, stationary, a nice sign in front of your shop – certainly not!

Branding involves making and keeping promises, earning trust with your suppliers and customers and being open enough to hear when your clients tell you that their needs have changed. How do you do that?

Over the next four weeks, we will discuss how you can do a successful rebrand – what it entails and how you can ensure that you form new habits that drive your business forward – follow our Social Media Pages to access the tips in managing a successful rebrand.

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